I am a writer, primarily of fantasy and science fiction novels. I’ve provided descriptions and excerpts for each of my books. My blog is for my musings about writing and fiction and whatever else comes to mind.

A little about me: about thirty years ago, my mother handed in her thesis to complete her master’s degree. Immediately thereafter, I was born. I like to think all that writing she was doing toward the end of her pregnancy was a sort of birthright for me. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t want to be a writer in some form or another. In a more practical sense, my parents encouraged my interests and talents by teaching me how to read, providing me with mountains of books, and sharing their own love of reading with me. And so I read, and wrote, and read and wrote some more until graduating from college with a degree in English. I studied literature, critical theory, folklore, women’s studies, and linguistics. Oh, how I fell in love with linguistics. I even got a minor in German just for the fun of it. So you needn’t fear that as an English major, I’m silently judging your grammar. On the contrary, I’m admiring your dialect and the marvelous, ever-shifting nature of language. I may, however, be silently judging your taste in literature. Don’t worry; you’re welcome to judge mine in return.

I currently live in the vicinity of Boston, Massachusetts, with my husband Mark, a brilliant drama teacher as well as a writer, and our three children. While the kids are at school, and in between cleaning the house and giving the occasional piano lesson, I write. My aspirations include growing my hair as long as Rapunzel’s and gaining Silvering powers when I reach menopause.


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