The Keeping-Box

When a strange little man comes into the apothecary shop, injured and desperate, Bianca helps him without asking questions.  She has no idea that the man, Uajr Diwav, is of a magical race from another realm.  She also has no idea that this simple decision will lead her to journeys across worlds – and even into death.

For it is Uajr’s race whose power the queen desires above all else.  When Bianca’s kindness triggers his magical protection, the queen comes to believe that Bianca is the key to that magic and grows obsessed with capturing Bianca’s essence in order to harness its power.  Aided by James, a rakish street boy with an agenda of his own, Bianca escapes the queen long enough to enter into Uajr’s realm.  But she knows that she cannot hide there forever.  The queen will not rest until she captures Bianca’s heart in her mystical keeping-box.

There is only one place where Bianca may battle the queen and hope to defeat her – within the queen’s own mind.  It would mean surrendering voluntarily to the power of the keeping-box and leaving her body for dead.  And there can be no certain victory when confronting the dark memories of a power-mad queen.


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