The Witch’s Garden

Everyone knows there’s a witch in the tower. She hoards secret treasures and cures for every ailment; she casts dark spells on anyone who dares trespass. She steals children. Her heart, if she has one at all, is the blackest in the kingdom.

Everyone is wrong.

It’s Zellie’s tower, not her mother’s. And her mother isn’t a witch. She’s very wise, protecting her daughter and her rooftop garden from intruders and selfish thieves. Zellie loves her more than anything else in the world. But when a desperate man comes to the tower looking to save his brother’s life, Zellie begins to wonder if her mother might be mistaken about certain things. Maybe about everything. Guilt-ridden but unable to stay cloistered and ignorant, Zellie finally leaves the tower and learns how to lead a life in the wild, uncertain world. And the more she learns, the more she fears that her mother has raised her on lies.

Maybe everyone is right.


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