Mortal Failings

Cami Hayek has just met the guy of her dreams. He’s not entirely human. And in two months time, she will shoot him in the head.

From the moment Cami meets Erik, she is drawn to him. He’s gorgeous, mysterious, and inexplicably finds her desirable. Thrilled that Erik wants to share all of this with a mundane human, she is quickly swept into the world of Eternals, immortal beings with extraordinary powers. All too quickly, Erik becomes the center of her universe. But when the burden of lying to her mother and friends becomes too much, Cami comes to realize that Erik is not interested in letting her live her own life with her own decisions. The more she attempts to assert her own control, the more his manipulating, selfish behavior becomes clear. When Erik makes her a pawn in nothing less than a full-scale war among the Eternals, she has to take drastic measures to regain her own agency.

The fallout of that choice will last far beyond the span of an ordinary mortal lifetime.


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