Alinda Joren, Senior Inspector of the Peacekeeps in the island city of Halbrechta, is confronting the toughest case of her career. Someone has killed a Venerable, a member of the city’s powerful governing body. It’s not really a question of who would want to kill her – Venerable Jallaian made plenty of enemies during her career. It’s a question of how. All Venerables have undergone the Silvering, the post-menopausal changes that include the ability to read minds and see the future. If someone is capable of murdering a Venerable without her knowing, what else might the murderer be capable of? Are all the Venerables in danger?

Hard enough for the Senior Inspector, charged with solving the crime. Harder still when Alinda starts to undergo her own Silvering….and the remaining Venerables want to make her one of them.


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